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The most AFFORDABLE price on the market

Invisible Dental Aligners from Colombia to your door... for use anywhere in the world

You are going to take an orthodontic treatment since Colombia, with a licensed orthodontist of Colombia, with monitoring since Colombia, under Colombian law and the best of all... at Colombian price !!

Sleek & Beautiful

Virtually Invisible

The Rio3D aligners are made of 100% transparent material, guaranteeing that you can smile freely.

Sleek & Beautiful


Compared with the traditional brackets the Rio3D aligners are much more comfortable to wear and do not mistreat the cheeks.

Sleek & Beautiful

Without wires

Forget forever to show your wires every time you smile, the Rio3D aligners are completely transparent.


There are innumerable advantages of the Rio3D system, of which stand out its unbeatable comfort of use, truly hygienic and easily monitored from anywhere where the patient is through his smartphone. The Rio3D system is composed of a series of Transparent Aligners that are placed sequentially, each aligner implies a controlled movement that is finally transmitted to the teeth to straighten them in a perfectly defined time, resulting in a completely effective and efficient orthodontic system.

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The removable Rio3D aligners can be removed to brush your teeth and also to eat what you want.

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The only orthodontic alternative that allows you to remove it from your mouth to eat, brush your teeth and wash it easily.

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Without pain

The aligners not to lacerate the cheeks, logically do not hurt as they do the traditional braces.

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Dental Monitoring

The Orthodontist will be able to use this Monitoring Platform to remotely control the status and adaptation of the aligners, IDEAL FOR PATIENTS WHO DO NOT LIVE IN THE SAME CITY.

How does it work

With your 3D dental models a licensed Orthodontist in Colombia make the Virtual Treatment Plan and then he sends you it together with the video of the treatment sequence, as soon as you approve it we send the aligners to your home and the same doctor from his dental Office in Colombia monitors the progress of the treatment through an application (App) on your smartphone

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Only $1125 Total number of aligners $1125 (includes shipping) or Half the numbers of aligners $565 (includes shipping)  ____________________________________________ plus Cheek Retractor, Dental Monitoring application (App) and shipping $15 Scan of the mouth plus x-ray $95 (on average and depends on each lab)  Payments are made securely by ____________________________________________ On the following websites you can […]

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Important Note: Only a few treatments can be managed with this system, our orthodontist will let you know if your case applies. ____________________________________________________________ Take and send us some photos of your teeth with your smartphone to preview if this system would go well with your teeth.                     […]

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This Dental Monitoring web platform uses an application (App) on the patient’s smartphone to remotely monitor the alignment status and adaptation, as well as the progress of the treatment. EXCELLENT FOR PATIENTS THAT DO NOT LIVE IN THE SAME CITY OF ORTHODONTIST. This advanced algorithm detects even the smallest dental movements as well as the […]