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Step by Step

Important Note: Only a few treatments can be managed with this system, our orthodontist will let you know if your case applies.


  1. Take and send us some photos of your teeth with your smartphone to preview if this system would go well with your teeth.                      
  2. If we see that our system works well with your teeth, we will send a cheek retractor to your home and you should download the DENTAL MONITORING application on your smartphone in order to take a photo scan of your teeth ($15).
  1. Finally if we confirm that your teeth will work well with our system, you should go to the nearest Dental X-Ray Lab to take an x-ray and scan your mouth to get your 3D dental models. The lab sends them immediately and directly to us. On average this service costs $95 and depends on each laboratory.                                                          
  2. Three working days later you will receive the Virtual Treatment Plan together with the video by email.
  3. After you approve and pay for the total number of aligners ($1125) or half the numbers of aligners ($565) we will ship the invisible aligners to your home, you will receive them in an average of two weeks.
  1. As soon as the aligners are received the orthodontist since Colombia will start monitoring their teeth until the end of the treatment.
  2. Enjoy your new smile !!


Throughout the process you will be available to speak directly with Dr Romero by phone (Spanish) or whapsApp (English).

+57 (321) 497-0407

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